Our Nutritionist

"Educating people on nutrition must be conducted with empathy. I strive to not just provide insights on healthy eating, but do it in a relatable and entertaining fashion so that the audience can easily understand and appreciate the importance of taking care of one's health"

Chan Joy Seng is the Director and Accredited Nutritionist of Alive Nutrition Consultancy. He holds a Masters of Medical Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Science and Technology from the National University of Singapore, and a Diploma in Applied Food Science and Nutrition from Temasek Polytechnic. He is an Accredited Nutritionist of Singapore registered with the Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association (SNDA), as well as member with the Society of Behavioural Health Singapore (SBHS) and Singapore Institute of Food Science & Technology (SIFST).

Joy Seng began his career in the food industry with various food companies including Malaysia Dairy Industries and Addiction Pet Foods. Part of his job scope with these companies included product development and formulation of nutritional content of food products. This provided him with valuable opportunities to understand the perspective of food manufacturers, and what consumers should be aware of in the purchase of food products.


Chan Joy Seng

MMedSc HNutr, BASc FST, Dip AFSN,
Director & Accredited Nutritionist

Life as a Nutritionist

Currently as a Nutritionist, Joy Seng has given many nutrition and health talks for companies, community groups and the public. Being effectively bilingual, he has conducted both English and Mandarin trainings and also led supermarket tours in which he brought participants around supermarkets and taught them how to read and understand food labels. Joy Seng has also conducted healthier hawker trails, nutrition coaching and healthy cooking demonstrations to help participants apply nutrition knowledge in their daily lives.

Joy Seng has also conducted many different programmes for the Singapore Health Promotion Board (HPB). These included Lose to Win, Health Ambassador, Health Literacy for Childcare Teachers, and Childhood Obesity Phone Counselling programmes. He was also the chief administrator of the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) programme, when he was based at HPB to process applications of food products to ensure they met the Healthier Choice Symbol requirements. Joy Seng is also a HPB-certified Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) Consultant and Trainer, and has helped to implement WHP programmes for companies and trained facilitators of participating companies with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

Joy Seng has also written various articles on Food Science and Nutrition for newspapers, magazines and online media. He is also listed as a Tech Expert with the Innovation Partner for Impact (IPI), and has also been featured in the NUS Faculty of Science magazine and career handbook as an alumnus of the university.

Imparting Nutrition Knowledge to the Next Generation

Joy Seng has also sought to grow the community of nutrition practitioners through education and training. He is involved in the training of nutrition and health topics at local polytechnics and university, and has previously attained the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment by Workforce Singapore (WSG). He previously taught nutrition modules for specialist, advanced and part time diploma programmes as well as short courses at Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic & Republic Polytechnic. Currently, he is teaching nutrition modules at the Bachelor in Nutrition Science course in Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) & Masters of Applied Gerontology course and Health Coaching for Older Adults short course with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Joy Seng believes that a healthy diet should not require too much effort or additional cost. Actively making good and informed choices in our daily diet is a sufficient start to a healthy lifestyle. As a person learns more about nutrition, he/she will be able to make better applications in daily life that will contribute to long term health.