Corporate Nutrition
Consulting Services

1. Workplace Health Promotion Consultancy Services

Looking for a HPB-certified Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) consultant to put together a holistic health programme for your company? Alive Nutrition Consultancy can assist your company to conduct health needs assessment and arrange with service provider partners to conduct both mass and targeted intervention programmes in nutrition and other areas of health.

2. Vetting of Food Labels and Application of Healthier Choice Symbol

Are you a food manufacturer looking for help in ensuring the food labels of your products meet Singapore’s legal requirements? Or are you planning to export overseas and would like to find out about the international guidelines? Alternatively if you would like to understand more about the application process of the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) for your products, Alive Nutrition Consultancy can assist you in the process.

3. Development of Healthier Food Products with the Food Industry

Alive Nutrition Consultancy can also help food companies which are looking to include health properties into their food products by looking at suitable ingredient replacements and scientific basis of their incorporation, as well as suitable processing techniques to provide end products with the intended functional benefits.

4. Development of Healthier Menu & Application of Healthier Dining Programme for Food Establishments

If you are looking to apply for the Healthier Dining Programme for your food establishment, improve the nutrition of your current menu or introduce healthier dishes, Alive Nutrition Consultancy can work with your chef and team to provide a range of healthy food options.

5. Analysis of Nutritional Contents of Dishes

To understand the nutritional content of your food items, Alive Nutrition Consultancy can facilitate the direct analysis of laboratory testing and provide you with an analysis of the results. We can also provide indirect analysis service through tabulation of nutrient quantities from existing figures in food composition databases.

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