About Alive Nutrition Consultancy

Founded in 2014, Alive Nutrition Consultancy is an evidence-based nutrition service provider founded by Chan Joy Seng when he was studying for his Masters of Medical Science in Human Nutrition. The company aims to provide practical and evidence-based health and nutrition solutions that are aligned with individuals’ and organisations’ health and wellness goals.

One key focus of Alive Nutrition Consultancy involves the running of nutrition and health programmes for the government agencies, businesses and community groups. These programmes are delivered in the form of nutrition talks, supermarket tours and healthier hawker trails and also healthy cooking demonstrations.

Alive Nutrition Consultancy also offers corporate nutrition consulting services in areas such as the development of healthier menus for food establishments, analysis of nutritional contents, as well as works with the food industry to develop healthier food products. The company also provides nutrition coaching for better weight management and sports performance, as well as workplace health promotion consultancy services.

Alive Nutrition Consultancy specialises in the provision of nutrition services for blue-collar workers, elderly and grassroots communities. Programmes can be conducted in English, Mandarin or even dialects depending on the needs of participants.